I'm raising $1,000 by the end of 2008 to help Patch Adams start his clinic and hospital.

Help us out!

(But please don't give money if you don't know and trust me.  I'm not soliciting from strangers because I don't plan to make extra effort to validate myself.  Try giving directly to Patch Adams at his official website.)

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If you haven't heard the details, here's my own testimonial:
This past year, I went to West Virginia to volunteer for a marvelous group named "Gesundheit!"  This is Patch Adams' organization.  Yes, there was a movie made about him starring Robin Williams, and he's still working hard to build a hospital.  But his vision is special: it will be a place dedicated to the whole person, focusing on personal touch and love and laughter as the main prescriptions for all healing, plus the standard medical practices, of course.  And all the care will be free of charge; he really wants to change the way things are done.  I'm impressed by his work because he is dedicating his life to improving health care, without depending on (nor accepting) government or other third-party payment for this effort; personally, I see "government care" as oxymoronic: institutions can assist with some things, but none can care for people the way that we should care for each other.  That's what his effort is all about.  That's what inspired me to fly myself out there to work for a few days and contribute some time and effort to his dream.

Now I'm raising money to help break ground on the hospital.  (You can read about this "Campaign" on his website.)  I'm asking all my friends and family: will you donate $10 to help in a magnificent cause?  (Of course, the more money the better!)  If so, you can say that you helped make this part a reality.  And to everyone who donates through my website: I'll keep you informed when the event becomes a reality.

Oh, by the way, get this: Patch didn't have a lawyer to review his contract for his movie; he simply asked: "Will this get my hospital built"?  They said "yes", he signed, and everyone got paid... except Patch.  He didn't get a cent from the wonderful movie about his own life and dream.

Help me bring a little more justice and love to the world.  Click here to donate through my website.

Thank you for lending an ear.  Have a great day, and good luck with all you do!